4. Modern Information Technologies

V. Andriychuk



Neural Networks Today


Scaling Of Calculable Clouds

Alexandr Anyakin

IT Techologies in Modern Warfare

Mykola Bodnar

IT Systems and Their Impact on Business

Andriy Bondarchuk

Introduction to Git

Oleksandra Bozhenko, Oleksandr Avadani

Acoustic and Acoustic-Vibration Leakage of Speech Information

Oleh Chepikov

The Development Alternative Sources of Energy

Andrey Daviduk

Dark Beam

Mariia Digtiar, Olexander Russin

Problems of Accelerated Implementation of Authentication Scheme Based on Zero-Knowledge

Oleh Formaniuk

Parallella - Elegance of Parallel Computing

Yaroslav Galchenko

Aspect-Oriented Programming

Maxim Genash

Pros and Cons of Front-End Development With React.Js

Maxim Gencha

Aspect-Oriented Programming

Alexey Glushkov, Tanya Ohotnik

Introdaction of LTE Technology in Ukraine

Sergii Grigorash

Safety on the Roads

Nina Hlushitch

Virtual Reality


The Future of Smartwatches

Leonid Kaida

Neuromorphic Chips

Daniil Kalugin

Augmented Reality

Andrii Khanevych

Conception and Architecture of Multi-Core Processors. Their Advantages and Disadvantages.

Oleksandr Kharchistov

Machine Learning for Business

Oleksandr Khomenko

New Generation Network 4gv Ukraine: Myth or Reality?

S. Kolomoiets, O. Starovoitenko

The Future of Storage Devices

Dmytro Koval

Retroshare - A Tool for Private Communication and Data Exchange

Stanislav Kovalenko

Sql Injections

Artem Kryvonis, Vadim Zhydenko

Huge Changes in Android Runtime

Viacheslav Kuksa

Volunteer Computing on Mobile Devices

Serhii Kyslovets

Optimization of Svg – Files for Creating Network Multimedia Issues

Olexiy Levkov

Social Nets` Communities as Alternative Media Option

Andrew Logvinchuk

Main Features of Teaching Computer Architecture

Iryna Logvinova

Innovative Technologies. Two Sides of the Coin

Albina Lupynos, Artem Kaplunov

Device that Has Changed the Virtual Reality

Andrii Lysak, Maxim Labutin

The Problem of Computer Crime

Oleksii Marchenko

The Architecture of Transputers

A. Mavrych, D. Berbets, A.Didenko

Pseudo-Random Number Generators

Dmitriy Misik, Olexandr Volontyr

Mysql as One of the Modern Database Management Systems


Angularjs – Epic Javascript Framework

Andriy Palamarchuk

Object-Relational Mapping and Entity Framework

E. Pavlenkova

Сomputer Vision

Dionysii Pikushchii

Quantum Computer

Anna Pysarenko

Information Technology in the Modern World

Natalia Radchuk

Knowledge Base

Andrii Romanenko

Nanorobots in Medicine

O. Rotenberg

Sql Vs Nosql : Which Is Better?

Diana Scherbina, Vladyslav Krutz

Cyber Security as a Part of Modern Information Society

O. Shevchenko

Spring Framework

Anastasia Shurkina

The Internet of Things

Dmitriy Smishniy

Java #9 .  New Features

Victor Solonets

The Development of SD-Card

Ruslan Sorochenko

Basic Steps to Create a Modern Website

Viktoriia Vahis, Andrii Kreminskyi

Development With the Architectural Pattern MVC

Eduard Vasinskyi

Research of Algorithm of Measurement of Parameters of Vibration Velocity

Y. Vasylchenko

3D Holographic Pyramid

Danylo Vershkov, Ihor Kaznodii

Information Technologies in the Management of Enterprises

Sergii Voychyk

Functional Programming

Anatoliy Yelisieiev

Cryptocurrency. Blockchain

Oleh Yushko

Artificial Intelligence

Oleh Yushko

Software Protection

Daria Yuzhakova

Monetization of  Social Media

Igor Zabolotnii

Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Pavel Zagorskyy

MYO – Simple Digital Gestures


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