1. Engineering Innovations

Dima Afanasiev

Parametric Model of Aircraft Wing Regional Aircraft

K. Afendikov, M. Avramuk

Hybrid Car

Bohdan Artysiuk

Garbage Can Give Energy

Anastasia Babenko

Solar Desalination

D. Bocholovskyi, A. Makieieva

Сeramic Armor

Irina Bogachova

Characteristics of Structure Damage by Lightning

Olexandr Bogunenko

Improving the Accuracy of the Fiberoptic Gyroscope with Open Loop Control

Vladyslav Bolkunevych

Efficient Internal Combustion Engine of Turbine Type

Evhenia Bondarenko

Technology of Solid-State & Molecular Lazers

Radmyla Bondarenko

Electro-Hydraulic Pump

Vladyslav Borovyk

Electroslag Melting Process With Non-Consumable Electrodes

Evgen Bren

Development of Container for Scientific Experiments in Suborbital Space Flights

Sergiy Bryzhan

Automated System for the Calibration of Means of Measurement of Barometric Altitude of the Aircraft

Serhii Chalei, Yevhenii Zakrepa

Modern Protection Systems Against Electric Shock

Olga Charniak

3d-Printers in Medicine

Pavlo Chepurnyi

Structure and Properties of Alloy Amg 10 with the Addition of Titanium, Carbon and Tantalum

Mykola Chernyak, Semen Terokhin

Mathematical Model of Instrumental Vibration Error of Navigational Pendulous Accelerometers

M.  Chornomurko

Urban Wind Turbine

Kateryna Darmostuk

Phase Equilibria in the Ti-Cr-Si During Crystallization

Volodymyr Dudko

Superhydrophobic Surface and Its Applications

Oleg Dusheba

Pros & Cons of Aerodynamic Characteristics of Aero-Spike Engine in Space Rockets

Daneil Dyelyev

Redox Battery

Ruslan Elkanov, Margarita Kurasova

Self-Propagating High Temperature Synthesis with Filtered Gas

Sviatoslav Fedorchenko

Using Mems-Sensors in Integreation Inertial Navigation System

Nikita Fil

Current Development of Autonomous Inspection Robots

Olexandr Goinets

Channel Measure Air Pressure for Air Data Systems Aircraft

Nikita Goryushkin

Nanocrystalline Powders as a Basis for New Materials

Ann Grigorets

Energy-Efficient Technologies

Tanya Grin

The Development of Underwater Welding

Nataliia Hachok

Non-Contact Ultrasonic Thickness of Polymer Films

Maryna Hapon

Foundation of DSP Selection

Vladislav Haslenko

"Green" Transport

A. Hushchyk,  V. Stepasyuk

Facilities for Reactive Power Compensation

Yevhenii Illiashenko

Welding Corrosion Resistant Austenitic Steels

Oleg Kandyba

Corneal Topographer

Denis Karbyshev

Titanium Matrix Composites

Iryna Karbysheva

Formation of Ni3sn Intermetallic Compound During Vacuum Condensation

Yurij Khomujlo

Innovations in Hydropower

VadymKhristenko, OlgaUshkalova, OlehYakubiv

Improving the Properties of Wear – Resistant Alloys of the System (Fe – Cr – C)

Vasyl Kotiai

Unifiеd Powеr FlowControllеr forPowеrQuаlityImprovеmеnt

Anton Koval

The Calculation of the Electric Field Distribution of Hvac Transmission Lines of 750 Kv

Kyril Kravchenko

The System of Automatic Control of the Return of the Uav to a Starting Point in the Absence of Signal with the Sna

Kate Leshchenko

The Foam Glass

Yevhenii Liashenko


Ihor Luchko, Ihor Struchkovskiy

Perspectives and Research of the Jump Takeoff Autogyro

Andriy Martyniuk

Emotech Olly – Robot Assistant

Anton Materykin,  Maksym Potapov

New Concept of Roads: Roads from Plastic

Svyatoslav Matsera

Practical Application of Ultrasonic Devices and Methods for Measuring the Velocity and Direction of Motion of Air Flow

Bohdan Melnik

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Hydrogen Car Design

Tamila Naukhatska

The Imitator of the Sun: Fusion Stellarator

Illja Okhrimenko

Analysis of Efficiency Additive Manufacturing in the Aircraft Industry

Roman Osypenko

Improvement of Performance Standards of Gear Pumps

Vasil Panasiuk

Unique  Organic Semiconductor

Artem Panchenko

Electric Vehicles: The Eco Future of Transport

Hryhorii Petrov

The Hyperloop

Vladyslav Ratushnyi

Drones that Monitor the Condition of Power Lines

Alexey Revtov, Olena Kravchenko

Tubular Heat Exchanger Element as a Way of Heat Exchange Intensification

Ivan Rozhkov

When Air is Heavy

Vasyl Safonik

Wireless Charging Technology

Olga Salii


Bohdan Stadnichuk

The Porous Metal of the Future

Oleksandr Syniegub

Energy Saving in Ukraine

Artem Tereshchuck

Modification of the Theoretical Circuit Transport Aircraft Wing

Roman Tkach

Cloud Computing and Network Provisioning

Katya Tonkushina

Improving Traditional Welding Methods

Viktor Trunov

Improving the Accuracy of Micromechanical Gyroscope by Low-Pass Filter

Mykhaylo Tymoshenko

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Non-Contact Temperature Measurement with a Radiation Pyrometer

Nataliia Tyshchenko

Activated Carbonic Fibrous Material for Medical Purposes-ACFM

Denis Ustenko

Multilayer Composites Based on Zro2 -Rich Complex Oxide Systems

Igor Vietoshkin

5 Perspective Robots in Medicine

Sergiy Volkovskiy

Types of Neutral Earthing in Power Distribution

Oleksiy Volynets

Ensuring Stability and Control of the Aircraft at Critical Angles of Attack

Volodimir Voznyuk

Liquid Metal Battery - Resolving Green Energy

Andriy Yarych

Science and Technology of the Future

R. Yuvkovetskyi, V. Potapov, T. Vdov

Improvement of Electrical Systems Using Statcom

Yevgeniy Zablovskiy

Future of Power Transformers

Anna Zakharova

Ti-Co-Sn(100-50% (At.) Ti) System

Dmitry Zhdanov

The Effect of Adaptability

Andriy Zorenko

Computer Simulation of Airframe Construction


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