Requirements for Theses formatting

Requirements for Theses formatting


Abstracts should meet the following requirements:

  1. File with abstracts should be in RTF or DOC (97-2007).
  2. Text of the abstracts should be typed inWORD А4 format, font TimesNewRoman, size13, interval 1 (page fields – 2 sm.).
  3. Images, pictures, diagrams, schemes, charts, graphics, tablesetc. should be black-white and text wrap. Allimages, which have nothing in common with the theme of the theses will be removed(for instance, photos of the students etc.)
  4. Line 1: Topic (center alignment, bold, in capitals).
  5. Line 2: Author’s first and last name (center alignment, bold);
  6. Line 3: place of study; center alignment.
  7. One line indent, volume– one FULL page.
  8. After your theses’ text you should give References according with APA (sections 4, 5) − and IEEE (sections 1, 2, 3) − in alphabetic order.

Requirements to theses:

  • Topicality of the problem given;
  • Summarizing of the ideas on the problem given and selection of the unsolved aspects of the problem under research;
  • Formulation of the objectives of the theses; main idea of the research should be illustrated in the main body;
  • Conclusions and perspectives of further researches of the problem. 


Theses than are inadequate to the requirements or sent after the deadline or without payment in advance will not be examined.

Theses are not reviewed and manuscripts are not returned.