Vitaliy Romanyuk

Institute of Specialized Communication and Information Security, NTUU “KPI”


Nowadays  many people use various means of communication. These tools range fromregular mail tothe Internet. By regular mail people can just write letters and send small parcels. On the Internet, people can not only talk but also interactwith a web camera and a microphone. Communications in the modern world play almost decisive role. The data transfer speed is important, but equally important is the reliability of the channel, as well as their protection, so developers are constantly improving equipment and provide the user with all the new tools. Even the smallest office is incomplete without access to a global network, telephone and LAN.

The followingbasic types of communications are classified:

-       Wired communicationuseswired lines;

-       RadiorelayCommunication is based on the principle of relaying;

-       Tropospheric Communication is based on the principle of long-distanse tropospheric reflection;

-       Satellite Communications isone of the most common forms of communicationsbased on the principle of relaying a signal via satellite.

Modern communicationssystems include anassamblageof types of communication in one communicationssystem. This communicationssystem allows you to make calls, video calls, video conferencing, data and other information exchange worldwide. Each user of telecommunicationsservices does not reflect what routeinformation passes to tie together two subscribers for calls or data transfer.

The availability of modern technology and communications systems has many privileges.Many people who communicate with each other and at the same time see the interlocutor feel more relaxed. This is the first advantage.Means of communication help us to communicate with relatives, friends who do not live in the same city with us. Now we increasingly began to use the phone to call a friend or a girlfriend to ask him or her out, ask classmatesfor ahomework, etc. Often humorous showspoint outhow many women love to gossip on the phone with theirfriends. It is also an advantage.Increasingly, pupils and students use the Internet for writing essays, reports, and create interesting presentations with sound and graphics. The Internet is becoming more and more used means of communication.With means of communication, we can manage ourfinancial savings, buy, sell, chat, meet and do many other interesting things.

The most well-known disadvantageof modern means of communication is blurred vision after spending time with the phones and the Internet. This is especially true of those who read a lot program, areengaged in development of websites. Very poor eyesight is characteristic of  people whosework involves the use of computing system.People are even used to see all programmers wearing glasses or lenses. But there is a lack of any advantage. People who work with computers retire early.

The second drawback is in some cases a waste of time. Due to the fact that a lot of people talk on the phone or on the Internet, they do not have time for more important things, such as visiting relatives, workout, helping parents at home. Often all this is faced by adolescents or young men.

Thethird disadvantage is that manycommunication services are very expensive and not everyone on the planet can afford a phone or the Internet.

As you can see there are more advantages than disadvantages in the use of modern means of communication and it pleases. Wehope that the scope of Telecommunications will evolve and provide us with many new opportunities. But still there is a need to protect pepole’seyesight and time and try to spend less time in conversationswith friends by means of communications systems, because it is better to talk with friends in  real life.


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Vitaliy, a very interesting topic.Thank you.